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Supernatural in Infographics: Seasons 1-8 (click to enlarge)

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a series of stupidly gorgeous collections
paolo sebastian a/w 2014 bridal collection [+ details]

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"I think it’s about 43 [tattoos] now but 20 of those are just squiggles. I know I’m going to start running out of body space. I’ll have to start on the inside. Perhaps I should have got a notepad first."

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why is the mom telling her daughter she’s ready to shave?


why is the mom telling her daughter she’s ready to shave?

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My Favourite Lip Art Products…

Lip Art is taking over my make-up world this year with my Lip Art workshop tours & my new Karla Cosmetics Lip Art brushes launching soon! My followers get to see me create many new creative lip art looks using my favourite lip art products I just cannot live without!

Today’s blog features some of my favourite lip art products I can’t live without in my Lip Make-up Kit:

Coming soon… Karla Cosmetics Lip Art Workshops in Dublin, Glasgow and New York!




photos* by peter mather in ni’iinlii’njik territorial park, an arctic oasis dead centre on the arctic circle in canada’s yukon territory. the forest resembles a coastal temperate zone due to nitrogen that finds it’s way from the dead salmon into the ecosystem. salmon literally feed the entire ecosystem, from birds, bears and wolves to moss and trees - trees which tower over anything in the surrounding stunted black spruce forest and vast tundra.

ni’iinlii’njik, which means “where salmon spawn” in gwich’in, marks the end of a 1500 mile salmon migration upriver from the pacific ocean. in 1986, the first salmon count in ni’iinlii’njik was over 350,000 fish, but in recent years has dropped as low as 9,000 due to human mismanagement. the chum salmon run this year is expected to be around 35,000. of note, the grizzly bears who feed on the salmon are known as “ice bears” for the icicles that form on their hair when hunting in temperatures that drop below minus 20 celsius.

(*is the fifth picture overhead or underwater? i’m baffled either way)

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where i belong

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